Valentine's Day

In the news...

Two men have been found savaged to death in East London in what police are treating as a gang related incident. One man suffered serious head injuries. No further details are being released at this time but the police dog handlers have been spotted on the scene, according to local residents.

Communities on the East coast have been shoring up flood defences in preparation against the storm surge that has brought chaos to the coast of Scotland and Northern England. The Environment Agency said that recent heavy rains, coupled with the expected spring tide pose a significant threat to low lying properties, though the Capital is unlikely to suffer.

Preparations continue for the wedding of the year, between actress and model Bella Shine and Crown Prince Peter of the small oil producing nation of Moldaria. the venue is a tightly guarded secret for security reasons but sources report seeing Moldarian diplomatic vehicles at such disparate locations as the Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral.

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